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Find the right memory for your Hewlett Packard Pavilion Notebook DV61 Series machine.

HP memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your Hewlett Packard Pavilion Notebook DV61 Series machine in just one more click! With nearly twenty years experience in the RAM market, we've learnt a thing or two about memory. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right upgrade for your Hewlett Packard machine.

Please select the model of your Hewlett Packard Pavilion Notebook DV61 Series machine from the list below.

dv6-1001tx Memorydv6-1350ex Memorydv6127eu Memory
dv6-1001xx Memorydv6-1350sl Memorydv6127tx Memory
dv6-1002tx Memorydv6-1350us Memorydv6128ea Memory
dv6-1003tx Memorydv6-1351nr Memorydv6128eu Memory
dv6-1004tx Memorydv6-1352dx Memorydv6128tx Memory
dv6-1005ea Memorydv6-1353cl Memorydv6129ea Memory
dv6-1005tx Memorydv6-1354us Memorydv6129eu Memory
dv6-1006tx Memorydv6-1355dx Memorydv6129tx Memory
dv6-1007tx Memorydv6-1355et Memorydv6129us Memory
dv6-1008tx Memorydv6-1356et Memorydv6130ca Memory
dv6-1009tx Memorydv6-1358ca Memorydv6130ea Memory
dv6-1010tx Memorydv6-1359et MemoryDV6130ER Memory
dv6-1011tx Memorydv6-1359wm Memorydv6130eu Memory
dv6-1012tx Memorydv6-1360ek MemoryDV6130EW Memory
dv6-1013tx Memorydv6-1360em MemoryDV6130TX Memory
dv6-1016ez Memorydv6-1360eo MemoryDV6130US Memory
dv6-1027ef Memorydv6-1360ep Memorydv6131ea Memory
dv6-1030ca Memorydv6-1360et Memorydv6131eu Memory
dv6-1030us Memorydv6-1360ev Memorydv6131od Memory
dv6-1033ca Memorydv6-1360ss Memorydv6131tx Memory
dv6-1038ca Memorydv6-1360us Memorydv6132ea Memory
dv6-1050us Memorydv6-1361sb Memorydv6132eu Memory
dv6-1053cl Memorydv6-1362nr Memorydv6132tx Memory
dv6-1080el Memorydv6-1365es Memorydv6133ea Memory
dv6-1090es Memorydv6-1365et Memorydv6133eu Memory
dv6-1300sb Memorydv6-1367es Memorydv6133tx Memory
dv6-1300st Memorydv6-1368es Memorydv6134ea Memory
dv6-1301el Memorydv6-1369es Memorydv6134eu Memory
dv6-1301tu Memorydv6-1370es Memorydv6134tx Memory
dv6-1301tx Memorydv6-1370et Memorydv6135ca Memory
dv6-1302sw Memorydv6-1370ev Memorydv6135ea Memory
dv6-1302tx Memorydv6-1371et Memorydv6135eu Memory
dv6-1303tx Memorydv6-1374et Memorydv6135nr Memory
dv6-1304el Memorydv6-1375es Memorydv6135tx Memory
dv6-1304ew Memorydv6-1375et Memorydv6136ea Memory
dv6-1304tx Memorydv6-1378nr Memorydv6136eu Memory
dv6-1305ei Memorydv6-1380ek Memorydv6136tx Memory
dv6-1305tx Memorydv6-1380et Memorydv6137ea Memory
dv6-1306ew Memorydv6-1381et Memorydv6137eu Memory
dv6-1307el Memorydv6-1385et Memorydv6137tx Memory
dv6-1307ew Memorydv6-1386et Memorydv6138ea Memory
dv6-1307sl Memorydv6-1388la Memorydv6138eu Memory
dv6-1308el Memorydv6-1390et Memorydv6138tx Memory
dv6-1308ew Memorydv6-1390ev Memorydv6139ea Memory
dv6-1308sl Memorydv6-1400sb Memorydv6139eu Memory
dv6-1308tx Memorydv6-1410eg Memorydv6139tx Memory
dv6-1309sl Memorydv6-1410es Memorydv6139us Memory
dv6-1310eb Memorydv6-1410ez Memorydv6140ca Memory
dv6-1310ec Memorydv6-1410so Memorydv6140ea Memory
dv6-1310eg Memorydv6-1410sw Memorydv6140eu Memory
dv6-1310eh Memorydv6-1419eo Memorydv6140tx Memory
dv6-1310ei Memorydv6-1420ec Memorydv6140us Memory
dv6-1310ej Memorydv6-1420ed Memorydv6141ea Memory
dv6-1310eq Memorydv6-1420ek Memorydv6141eu Memory
dv6-1310er Memorydv6-1420ep Memorydv6141tx Memory
dv6-1310et Memorydv6-1440ec Memorydv6142ea Memory
dv6-1310ez Memorydv6-1460el Memorydv6142eu Memory
dv6-1310sf Memorydv6100 CTO Memorydv6142tx Memory
dv6-1310sl MemoryDV6100EA Memorydv6143ea Memory
dv6-1310ss MemoryDV6101EA Memorydv6143eu Memory
dv6-1310sv Memorydv6101eu Memorydv6143tx Memory
dv6-1311el Memorydv6101tu Memorydv6144ea Memory
dv6-1311tx Memorydv6101tx Memorydv6144eu Memory
dv6-1312el Memorydv6102ea Memorydv6144tx Memory
dv6-1315ec Memorydv6102eu Memorydv6145ea Memory
dv6-1315eg MemoryDV6102OD Memorydv6145eu Memory
dv6-1315ei Memorydv6102tx Memorydv6145tx Memory
dv6-1315et Memorydv6103ea Memorydv6146ea Memory
dv6-1315ss MemoryDV6103EU Memorydv6146eu Memory
dv6-1315sv Memorydv6103nr Memorydv6146tx Memory
dv6-1316el Memorydv6103tx Memorydv6147ea Memory
dv6-1316er Memorydv6104ea Memorydv6147eu Memory
dv6-1316ss Memorydv6104eu Memorydv6147tx Memory
dv6-1317er Memorydv6104tx Memorydv6148ea Memory
dv6-1317ss Memorydv6105ca Memorydv6148eu Memory
dv6-1319er Memorydv6105ea Memorydv6148tx Memory
dv6-1319ez Memorydv6105eu Memorydv6149ea Memory
dv6-1320ec Memorydv6105tx Memorydv6149eu Memory
dv6-1320eg Memorydv6105us Memorydv6149tx Memory
dv6-1320eh Memorydv6106ea Memorydv6149us Memory
dv6-1320en Memorydv6106eu Memorydv6150br Memory
dv6-1320eo Memorydv6106tx Memorydv6150ca Memory
dv6-1320ep Memorydv6107ea Memorydv6150ea Memory
dv6-1320eq Memorydv6107eu Memorydv6150eu Memory
dv6-1320et Memorydv6107tx Memorydv6150tx Memory
dv6-1320ev Memorydv6107us Memorydv6150us Memory
dv6-1320sf Memorydv6108ea Memorydv6151ea Memory
dv6-1320sl Memorydv6108nr Memorydv6151eu Memory
dv6-1320sp Memorydv6108tx Memorydv6152ea Memory
dv6-1320ss Memorydv6109ea Memorydv6152eu Memory
dv6-1320tx Memorydv6109om Memorydv6153ea Memory
dv6-1321el MemoryDV6109TX Memorydv6153eu Memory
dv6-1322ez Memorydv6110br Memorydv6154ea Memory
dv6-1323el Memorydv6110ca Memorydv6154eu Memory
dv6-1323er Memorydv6110ea Memorydv6155ea Memory
dv6-1325er Memorydv6110eu Memorydv6155eu Memory
dv6-1325et Memorydv6110tx Memorydv6156ea Memory
dv6-1325sa Memorydv6110us Memorydv6156eu Memory
dv6-1326ez Memorydv6111ea Memorydv6157ea Memory
dv6-1326ss MemoryDV6111EU Memorydv6157eu Memory
dv6-1328ez Memorydv6111tx Memorydv6158ea Memory
dv6-1328sl Memorydv6112ea Memorydv6158eu Memory
dv6-1329el Memorydv6112tx Memorydv6159ea Memory
dv6-1330ca Memorydv6113ca Memorydv6159eu Memory
dv6-1330ea Memorydv6113ea Memorydv6160ea Memory
dv6-1330eb Memorydv6113eu Memorydv6160eu Memory
dv6-1330ec Memorydv6113tx Memorydv6161ea Memory
dv6-1330ei Memorydv6113us Memorydv6161eu Memory
dv6-1330ej Memorydv6114ea Memorydv6162ea Memory
dv6-1330ek Memorydv6114tx Memorydv6163ea Memory
dv6-1330en Memorydv6115ca Memorydv6164ea Memory
dv6-1330ep Memorydv6115ea Memorydv6165cl Memory
dv6-1330eq Memorydv6115eu Memorydv6165ea Memory
dv6-1330er Memorydv6115tx Memorydv6165eu Memory
dv6-1330et Memorydv6116ea Memorydv6166ea Memory
dv6-1330ev Memorydv6116eu Memorydv6167ea Memory
dv6-1330sa Memorydv6116tx MemoryDV6168EA Memory
dv6-1330sf Memorydv6117ea Memorydv6169ea Memory
dv6-1330sl Memorydv6117eu Memorydv6170ea Memory
dv6-1330sp Memorydv6117tx Memorydv6171cl Memory
dv6-1330ss Memorydv6118ea Memorydv6171ea Memory
dv6-1333et Memorydv6118eu Memorydv6172ea Memory
dv6-1333sa Memorydv6118tx Memorydv6173ea Memory
dv6-1334ca Memorydv6119ea Memorydv6174ca Memory
dv6-1334us Memorydv6119eu Memorydv6174cl Memory
dv6-1335et Memorydv6119tx Memorydv6174ea Memory
dv6-1335sf Memorydv6119us Memorydv6175ea Memory
dv6-1335ss Memorydv6120br Memorydv6179ea Memory
dv6-1335tx Memorydv6120ca Memorydv6180ea Memory
dv6-1336tx Memorydv6120ea Memorydv6181ea Memory
dv6-1337sf Memorydv6120eu Memorydv6182ea Memory
dv6-1337tx MemoryDV6120LA Memorydv6182eu Memory
dv6-1338ca Memorydv6120tx Memorydv6183ea Memory
dv6-1339et Memorydv6120us Memorydv6184ea Memory
dv6-1340ea Memorydv6121ea Memorydv6184eu Memory
dv6-1340ed Memorydv6121eu Memorydv6185ea Memory
dv6-1340ef Memorydv6121tx Memorydv6185eu Memory
dv6-1340ei Memorydv6122ea Memorydv6186ea Memory
dv6-1340ej Memorydv6122tx Memorydv6186eu Memory
dv6-1340ek Memorydv6123ea Memorydv6187ea Memory
dv6-1340eo Memorydv6123eu Memorydv6187eu Memory
dv6-1340et Memorydv6123tx Memorydv6188ea Memory
dv6-1340ev Memorydv6124ea Memorydv6188eu Memory
dv6-1340sa Memorydv6124eu Memorydv6189ea Memory
dv6-1340sf Memorydv6124tx Memorydv6189eu Memory
dv6-1340sl Memorydv6125br Memorydv6190eu Memory
dv6-1340ss Memorydv6125ea Memorydv6191eu Memory
dv6-1341el Memorydv6125om Memorydv6195ea Memory
dv6-1345et Memorydv6125se Memorydv6195xx Memory
dv6-1350ej Memorydv6125tx Memorydv6196ea Memory
dv6-1350el Memorydv6126ea Memorydv6196xx Memory
dv6-1350em Memorydv6126eu Memorydv6197ea Memory
dv6-1350ep Memorydv6126tx Memorydv6197xx Memory
dv6-1350et Memorydv6127ea Memorydv6198xx Memory

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9700 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your HP machine can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

Popular OEM Codes for Hewlett Packard

These are some of the most popular OEM codes for Hewlett Packard machines. You are however better off looking for your specific machine on the configurator as OEM Memory Part Codes can change regularly.

4412 memory300679-B21 memoryQ2625A memory
21448 memory13647 memory21789 memory
AB561A memoryFX622AA memory21709 memory
269086-B25 memoryDY658A memory451400-001 memory
21769 memoryAA634A memory232449-B21 memory
403898-001 memory403897-001 memory10377 memory
Q7718A memory11423 memory504600-001 memory
10352 memoryCPQ-80/5-NB15 memoryA6115A memory

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