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Find the right memory for your Hewlett Packard Business Desktop Series machine.

HP memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your Hewlett Packard Business Desktop Series machine in just one more click! With nearly twenty years experience in the RAM market, we've learnt a thing or two about memory. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right upgrade for your Hewlett Packard machine.

Please select the model of your Hewlett Packard Business Desktop Series machine from the list below.

500B MemoryCQ2200NL Memorydc7100 DESKTOP SFF CMT Memory
500B MicroTower MemoryCQ2200SA Memorydc7100 ULTRA-SLIM DESKTOP Memory
6000 MicroTower MemoryCQ2200SC Memorydc7600 Memory
6000 Pro MicroTower MemoryCQ2200TR Memorydc7600 CONVERTIBLE MINITOWER Memory
6000 Pro Small Form Factor MemoryCQ2200UK Memorydc7600 SMALL FORM FACTOR Memory
6000 Small Form Factor MemoryCQ2200UK-M Memorydc7600 Ultra-Slim Desktop Memory
6005 Pro MT (MicroTower) MemoryCQ2201FR Memorydc7700 CMT (Convertible Minitower) Memory
6005 Pro SFF (Small Form Factor) MemoryCQ2201L Memorydc7700 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memory
CQ2000 Series MemoryCQ2202LA Memorydc7700 USDT (Ultra-Slim Desktop) Memory
CQ2000AF MemoryCQ2203LA Memorydc7800 CMT (Convertible Minitower) Memory
CQ2000AN MemoryCQ2204LA Memorydc7800 MT (Mini Tower) Memory
CQ2000DE MemoryCQ2205LA Memorydc7800 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memory
CQ2000ES MemoryCQ2212L Memorydc7800 USDT (Ultra-Slim Destkop) Memory
CQ2000FR MemoryCQ2228HK Memorydc7900 Convertible Minitower (CM) Memory
CQ2000IL MemoryCQ2228TW Memorydc7900 Small Form Factor (SFF) Memory
CQ2000IT MemoryCQ2229TW Memorydc7900 Ultra-Slim (USD) Memory
CQ2000ME MemoryCQ2230L Memorydx1000 MicroTower Memory
CQ2000UK MemoryCQ2250D Memorydx2000 Memory
CQ2001LA MemoryCQ2280D Memorydx2000 Slim tower Memory
CQ2002LA MemoryCQ2300 Series Memorydx2009 Very Small Form Factor Memory
CQ2003WM MemoryCQ2300GR Memorydx2030 Microtower Memory
CQ2008CN MemoryCQ2300IX Memorydx2060 Memory
CQ2008CX MemoryCQ2300UK Memorydx2090 Memory
CQ2009F MemoryCQ2300UK-M Memorydx2100 Microtower Memory
CQ2011L MemoryCQ2301FR Memorydx2180 Memory
CQ2012D MemoryCQ2301LA Memorydx2200 Memory
CQ2013L MemoryCQ2302F Memorydx2250 Microtower Memory
CQ2018AP MemoryCQ2302LA Memorydx2255 Microtower Memory
CQ2018CN MemoryCQ2303DE Memorydx2280 Microtower Memory
CQ2019AP MemoryCQ2304LA Memorydx2290 Microtower Memory
CQ2020TW MemoryCQ2305LA Memorydx2295 Microtower Memory
CQ2030L MemoryCQ2307LA Memorydx2300 Microtower Memory
CQ2030TW MemoryCQ2311FR Memorydx2310 Memory
CQ2035D MemoryCQ2312L Memorydx2355 Memory
CQ2100 Series MemoryCQ2320D Memorydx2358 Microtower Memory
CQ2100AF MemoryCQ2350AN Memorydx2390 Microtower Memory
CQ2100AN MemoryCQ2400 Memorydx2400 Microtower Memory
CQ2100BE MemoryCQ2401LA Memorydx2420 Microtower Memory
CQ2100DE MemoryCQ2402LA Memorydx2450 Microtower Memory
CQ2100FR MemoryCQ2403LA Memorydx2480 Microtower Memory
CQ2100IL MemoryCQ2404LA Memorydx2700 MT (Microtower) Memory
CQ2100IT MemoryCQ2405LA Memorydx2700 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memory
CQ2100KR MemoryCQ2407LA Memorydx2710 Memory
CQ2100ME MemoryCQ2480D Memorydx2718 Microtower Memory
CQ2100NL Memoryd220 Memorydx5150 Memory
CQ2100SC Memoryd290 Memorydx6050 Memory
CQ2100UK Memoryd325 All Form Factors Memorydx6100 Microtower Memory
CQ2101L Memoryd330 All Form Factors Memorydx6100 Slim Tower Memory
CQ2103WM Memoryd530 CMT (Convertible Minitower) Memorydx6120 Microtower Memory
CQ2106CN Memoryd530 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memorydx6120 Slim Tower Memory
CQ2106CX Memoryd530 USDT (Ultra-Slim Desktop) Memorydx6128 Microtower Memory
CQ2108HK Memorydc5000 Memorydx7200 Microtower Memory
CQ2112L Memorydc5100 Memorydx7200 Slim Tower Memory
CQ2116CX Memorydc5100 MT (Microtower) Memorydx7300 MT (Microtower) Memory
CQ2118CX Memorydc5100 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memorydx7300 ST (Slim Tower) Memory
CQ2120L Memorydc5700 MT (Microtower) Memorydx7380 Microtower Memory
CQ2123CX Memorydc5700 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memorydx7400 MT (Microtower) Memory
CQ2128CN Memorydc5750 MT (Microtower) Memorydx7400 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memory
CQ2128CX Memorydc5750 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memorydx7500 MT (Microtower) Memory
CQ2128TW Memorydc5800 MT (Microtower) Memorydx7500 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memory
CQ2200 Series Memorydc5800 SFF (Small Form Factor) MemoryPro 3400 MicroTower Memory
CQ2200FR Memorydc5850 MT (Microtower) MemoryPro 3405 MicroTower Memory
CQ2200IX Memorydc5850 SFF (Small Form Factor) Memory
CQ2200KR Memorydc7100 Memory

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9700 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your HP machine can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

Popular OEM Codes for Hewlett Packard

These are some of the most popular OEM codes for Hewlett Packard machines. You are however better off looking for your specific machine on the configurator as OEM Memory Part Codes can change regularly.

308878-B21 memoryF2298A memory397411-B21 memory
F1622A memory175923-001 memoryDC165A memory
22843 memory21769 memoryGH738AA memory
22475 memory395409-B21 memoryJ6073G memory
22510 memory236852-B21 memory367774-001 memory
A8028A memory22779 memoryAA656A memory
22436 memoryAB396A memory373121-001 memory
282435-B21 memory21631 memoryA1286A memory

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