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Find the right memory for your Sony Vaio PCV Series machine.

Sony memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your Sony Vaio PCV Series machine in just one more click! With nearly twenty years experience in the RAM market, we've learnt a thing or two about memory. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right upgrade for your Sony machine.

Please select the model of your Sony Vaio PCV Series machine from the list below.

PCV-100 MemoryPCV-RS600CGP MemoryPCV-RX821 Memory
PCV-120 MemoryPCV-RS600CP MemoryPCV-RX830 Memory
PCV-200 MemoryPCV-RS602 MemoryPCV-RX83M Memory
PCV-210 MemoryPCV-RS604 MemoryPCV-RX84M Memory
PCV-220 MemoryPCV-RS610 MemoryPCV-RX850 Memory
PCV-230 MemoryPCV-RS612P MemoryPCV-RX850P Memory
PCV-240 MemoryPCV-RS613G MemoryPCV-RX851 Memory
PCV-600N MemoryPCV-RS613GX MemoryPCV-RX85M Memory
PCV-600ND1 MemoryPCV-RS613GY MemoryPCV-RX860 Memory
PCV-600ND2 MemoryPCV-RS620G MemoryPCV-RX860P Memory
PCV-600ND3 MemoryPCV-RS630G MemoryPCV-RX861 Memory
PCV-600ND4 MemoryPCV-RS700C MemoryPCV-RX881 Memory
PCV-624 MemoryPCV-RS700CB MemoryPCV-RX891 Memory
PCV-640 MemoryPCV-RS700CG MemoryPCV-RX93M Memory
PCV-641 MemoryPCV-RS700CGP MemoryPCV-RX94M Memory
PCV-650 MemoryPCV-RS700CP MemoryPCV-RX950 Memory
PCV-650M MemoryPCV-RS702 MemoryPCV-RX951 Memory
PCV-651 MemoryPCV-RS704 MemoryPCV-RX991 Memory
PCV-65M MemoryPCV-RS710G MemoryPCV-RXA842 Memory
PCV-660 MemoryPCV-RS710GX MemoryPCV-RXG408 Memory
PCV-670 MemoryPCV-RS712 MemoryPCV-RXM21 Memory
PCV-70 MemoryPCV-RS720G MemoryPCV-RXM22 Memory
PCV-700G MemoryPCV-RS724G MemoryPCV-RZ102 Memory
PCV-700M MemoryPCV-RS724GX MemoryPCV-RZ103 Memory
PCV-90 MemoryPCV-RS726G MemoryPCV-RZ104 Memory
PCV-F11M MemoryPCV-RS730G MemoryPCV-RZ104G Memory
PCV-J100 MemoryPCV-RSM21 MemoryPCV-RZ10C Memory
PCV-J120 MemoryPCV-RSM22 MemoryPCV-RZ10CD1 Memory
PCV-J150 MemoryPCV-RSM31 MemoryPCV-RZ10CD2 Memory
PCV-J200 MemoryPCV-RX1 MemoryPCV-RZ10CD3 Memory
PCV-L400 MemoryPCV-RX100M MemoryPCV-RZ10CE1 Memory
PCV-L600 MemoryPCV-RX201 MemoryPCV-RZ10CE2 Memory
PCV-L600S MemoryPCV-RX202 MemoryPCV-RZ10CG Memory
PCV-L620 MemoryPCV-RX203 MemoryPCV-RZ10CGD Memory
PCV-L630 MemoryPCV-RX212 MemoryPCV-RZ10CGP Memory
PCV-L640 MemoryPCV-RX260DS MemoryPCV-RZ14G Memory
PCV-LX1 MemoryPCV-RX270DS MemoryPCV-RZ15M Memory
PCV-LX100 MemoryPCV-RX280DS MemoryPCV-RZ16G Memory
PCV-LX110 MemoryPCV-RX2D MemoryPCV-RZ201 Memory
PCV-LX120 MemoryPCV-RX301 MemoryPCV-RZ20C Memory
PCV-LX2 MemoryPCV-RX302 MemoryPCV-RZ20CD1 Memory
PCV-LX700 MemoryPCV-RX304 MemoryPCV-RZ20CD2 Memory
PCV-LX800 MemoryPCV-RX305 MemoryPCV-RZ20CG Memory
PCV-LX810 MemoryPCV-RX306 MemoryPCV-RZ20CG1 Memory
PCV-LX900 MemoryPCV-RX312 MemoryPCV-RZ20CG2 Memory
PCV-LX910 MemoryPCV-RX360DS MemoryPCV-RZ20CGP Memory
PCV-LX920 MemoryPCV-RX370DS MemoryPCV-RZ20CP Memory
PCV-M1 MemoryPCV-RX380DS MemoryPCV-RZ211 Memory
PCV-MXS10 MemoryPCV-RX401 MemoryPCV-RZ221 Memory
PCV-MXS20 MemoryPCV-RX401G MemoryPCV-RZ22G Memory
PCV-R522DS MemoryPCV-RX402 MemoryPCV-RZ24G Memory
PCV-R526DS MemoryPCV-RX403N MemoryPCV-RZ25M Memory
PCV-R528DS MemoryPCV-RX404 MemoryPCV-RZ26G Memory
PCV-R532DS MemoryPCV-RX404G MemoryPCV-RZ301 Memory
PCV-R536DS MemoryPCV-RX405 MemoryPCV-RZ302 Memory
PCV-R538DS MemoryPCV-RX406 MemoryPCV-RZ304 Memory
PCV-R539DS MemoryPCV-RX406G MemoryPCV-RZ30C Memory
PCV-R545DS MemoryPCV-RX407 MemoryPCV-RZ30CG Memory
PCV-R547DS MemoryPCV-RX408 MemoryPCV-RZ30CGP Memory
PCV-R549DS MemoryPCV-RX413N MemoryPCV-RZ30CP Memory
PCV-R553DS MemoryPCV-RX417 MemoryPCV-RZ30GN2 Memory
PCV-R556DS MemoryPCV-RX450 MemoryPCV-RZ30GN4 Memory
PCV-R558DS MemoryPCV-RX460 MemoryPCV-RZ311 Memory
PCV-RB10MV MemoryPCV-RX462DS MemoryPCV-RZ312 Memory
PCV-RS100 MemoryPCV-RX463DS MemoryPCV-RZ314 Memory
PCV-RS101 MemoryPCV-RX465DS MemoryPCV-RZ31G Memory
PCV-RS102 MemoryPCV-RX470DS MemoryPCV-RZ321 Memory
PCV-RS104 MemoryPCV-RX480DS MemoryPCV-RZ322 Memory
PCV-RS112 MemoryPCV-RX490TV MemoryPCV-RZ324 Memory
PCV-RS114 MemoryPCV-RX500 MemoryPCV-RZ32G Memory
PCV-RS116 MemoryPCV-RX500A MemoryPCV-RZ32GKIT3 Memory
PCV-RS122 MemoryPCV-RX501 MemoryPCV-RZ34G Memory
PCV-RS123 MemoryPCV-RX501D MemoryPCV-RZ34GKIT3 Memory
PCV-RS142 MemoryPCV-RX502 MemoryPCV-RZ36G Memory
PCV-RS144 MemoryPCV-RX503 MemoryPCV-RZ36GKIT3 Memory
PCV-RS202 MemoryPCV-RX504 MemoryPCV-RZ402P Memory
PCV-RS204 MemoryPCV-RX511 MemoryPCV-RZ404 Memory
PCV-RS206 MemoryPCV-RX512 MemoryPCV-RZ40C Memory
PCV-RS20MV MemoryPCV-RX513 MemoryPCV-RZ40C1B Memory
PCV-RS210 MemoryPCV-RX514 MemoryPCV-RZ40C1F Memory
PCV-RS212 MemoryPCV-RX515 MemoryPCV-RZ40CF1 Memory
PCV-RS216 MemoryPCV-RX540 MemoryPCV-RZ40CG Memory
PCV-RS220 MemoryPCV-RX54M MemoryPCV-RZ40CP Memory
PCV-RS221 MemoryPCV-RX550 MemoryPCV-RZ414 Memory
PCV-RS222 MemoryPCV-RX551 MemoryPCV-RZ422P Memory
PCV-RS224 MemoryPCV-RX552 MemoryPCV-RZ424 Memory
PCV-RS226 MemoryPCV-RX554 MemoryPCV-RZ44G Memory
PCV-RS244 MemoryPCV-RX55M MemoryPCV-RZ45G Memory
PCV-RS246 MemoryPCV-RX560 MemoryPCV-RZ45MGX Memory
PCV-RS25MV MemoryPCV-RX570 MemoryPCV-RZ46G Memory
PCV-RS300C MemoryPCV-RX571 MemoryPCV-RZ49G Memory
PCV-RS300CP MemoryPCV-RX572 MemoryPCV-RZ49Y Memory
PCV-RS302 MemoryPCV-RX580 MemoryPCV-RZ502P Memory
PCV-RS304 MemoryPCV-RX581 MemoryPCV-RZ504 Memory
PCV-RS306 MemoryPCV-RX590 G MemoryPCV-RZ50C Memory
PCV-RS30MV MemoryPCV-RX590G MemoryPCV-RZ50CG Memory
PCV-RS310 MemoryPCV-RX600 MemoryPCV-RZ50N Memory
PCV-RS310/KIT2 MemoryPCV-RX600E MemoryPCV-RZ51 Memory
PCV-RS310KIT2 MemoryPCV-RX600E (DDR) MemoryPCV-RZ52 Memory
PCV-RS311 MemoryPCV-RX600N MemoryPCV-RZ54G Memory
PCV-RS312 MemoryPCV-RX600N (DDR) MemoryPCV-RZ56G Memory
PCV-RS312E MemoryPCV-RX612 MemoryPCV-RZ62 Memory
PCV-RS314E MemoryPCV-RX624 MemoryPCV-RZ72P Memory
PCV-RS314P MemoryPCV-RX640 MemoryPCV-V1 Memory
PCV-RS315 MemoryPCV-RX640M MemoryPCV-V1/D Memory
PCV-RS316 MemoryPCV-RX641 MemoryPCV-V1/F Memory
PCV-RS320 MemoryPCV-RX644 MemoryPCV-V1/G Memory
PCV-RS320KIT2 MemoryPCV-RX650 MemoryPCV-V1/I Memory
PCV-RS321 MemoryPCV-RX650M MemoryPCV-V10/W Memory
PCV-RS322 MemoryPCV-RX651 MemoryPCV-V100G Memory
PCV-RS322E MemoryPCV-RX65M MemoryPCV-V10B/B Memory
PCV-RS324 MemoryPCV-RX660 MemoryPCV-V10B/W Memory
PCV-RS324E MemoryPCV-RX670 MemoryPCV-V151S/B Memory
PCV-RS326 MemoryPCV-RX671 MemoryPCV-V151S/W Memory
PCV-RS326/G MemoryPCV-RX672 MemoryPCV-V200G Memory
PCV-RS344 MemoryPCV-RX680G MemoryPCV-V210P Memory
PCV-RS346 MemoryPCV-RX681 MemoryPCV-V300G Memory
PCV-RS35MX MemoryPCV-RX682 MemoryPCV-V310P Memory
PCV-RS400C MemoryPCV-RX690G MemoryPCV-V3M Memory
PCV-RS400CG MemoryPCV-RX700 MemoryPCV-VW10 Memory
PCV-RS400CGP MemoryPCV-RX700C MemoryPCV-W1 Memory
PCV-RS402 MemoryPCV-RX71K MemoryPCV-W1/D Memory
PCV-RS404 MemoryPCV-RX730 MemoryPCV-W1/F Memory
PCV-RS406 MemoryPCV-RX730M MemoryPCV-W1/G Memory
PCV-RS410 MemoryPCV-RX731 MemoryPCV-W10 Memory
PCV-RS411 MemoryPCV-RX740 MemoryPCV-W10/B Memory
PCV-RS412 MemoryPCV-RX740M MemoryPCV-W111 Memory
PCV-RS412X MemoryPCV-RX741 MemoryPCV-W121 Memory
PCV-RS420 MemoryPCV-RX742 MemoryPCV-W1D Memory
PCV-RS421 MemoryPCV-RX743 MemoryPCV-W1F Memory
PCV-RS421V MemoryPCV-RX750 MemoryPCV-W1G Memory
PCV-RS422 MemoryPCV-RX750M MemoryPCV-W2 Memory
PCV-RS422X MemoryPCV-RX750P MemoryPCV-W20 Memory
PCV-RS423P MemoryPCV-RX751 MemoryPCV-W200M Memory
PCV-RS430G MemoryPCV-RX752 MemoryPCV-W30 Memory
PCV-RS431 MemoryPCV-RX753 MemoryPCV-W500 Memory
PCV-RS431X MemoryPCV-RX755 MemoryPCV-W500GN1 Memory
PCV-RS43MV MemoryPCV-RX756 MemoryPCV-W500M Memory
PCV-RS500C MemoryPCV-RX75M MemoryPCV-W510G Memory
PCV-RS500CG MemoryPCV-RX760 MemoryPCV-W600G Memory
PCV-RS500CGP MemoryPCV-RX760P MemoryPCV-W600M Memory
PCV-RS500CP MemoryPCV-RX761 MemoryPCV-W700G Memory
PCV-RS502 MemoryPCV-RX762 MemoryPCV-W700M Memory
PCV-RS504 MemoryPCV-RX770 MemoryPCVRZ424 Memory
PCV-RS50MV MemoryPCV-RX770P MemoryVGX-TP1E Memory
PCV-RS510 MemoryPCV-RX780 MemoryVGX-TP2S/B Memory
PCV-RS511P MemoryPCV-RX780G MemoryVGX-TP2SR/W Memory
PCV-RS520 MemoryPCV-RX780P MemoryVGX-TP3E/B Memory
PCV-RS530G MemoryPCV-RX781 MemoryVGX-TP3S/B Memory
PCV-RS53M MemoryPCV-RX790C MemoryVGX-TP3Z/B Memory
PCV-RS600C MemoryPCV-RX790G MemoryVGX-XL201 Memory
PCV-RS600CB MemoryPCV-RX791 MemoryVGX-XL202 Memory
PCV-RS600CBP MemoryPCV-RX820 MemoryVGX-XL301 Memory
PCV-RS600CG MemoryPCV-RX820P MemoryVGX-XL302 Memory

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9700 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your Sony machine can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

Popular OEM Codes for Sony

These are some of the most popular OEM codes for Sony machines. You are however better off looking for your specific machine on the configurator as OEM Memory Part Codes can change regularly.

INMSPDUO16G memory22449 memoryPCGE-MMGR128 memory
INSDX64G10RU1 memory22714 memoryINMSPDUO4G memory
INSSD128GP18MXZ memorySVNV100/256 memoryINSDH16G10R memory
INSDH32G10R memoryVGP-MM1024G memoryINSD1GV2 memory
22496 memory23031 memoryVGP-MM512M memory
INSSD64GS25MXZ memoryINSDH32G4V2 memory22742 memory
22722 memoryINSDH16G4V2 memory22420 memory
22830 memory22484 memorySNYSO133/256 memory

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