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Find the right memory for your Asus Motherboard machine.

Asus memory upgrades

Get the right memory for your Asus Motherboard machine in just one more click! With nearly twenty years experience in the RAM market, we've learnt a thing or two about memory. We've put all that knowledge into this configurator, so you can rest assured you'll find the right upgrade for your Asus machine.

Please select the model of your Asus Motherboard machine from the list below.

A7-V333 MemoryP5E WS Professional MemoryP5N-MX Memory
A7A MemoryP5E-V HDMI MemoryP5N-T Deluxe Memory
A7M 266 MemoryP5E-VM DO MemoryP5N-VM WS Memory
A7PRO MemoryP5E-VM HDMI MemoryP5N32-E SLI Memory
A7V MemoryP5E-VM SE MemoryP5N32-E SLI Plus Memory
A7V-266 MemoryP5E3 Deluxe MemoryP5N32-SLI Deluxe Memory
A7V-M MemoryP5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP MemoryP5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP Memory
A7V333 MemoryP5E3 Premium/WiFi-AP @n MemoryP5N32-SLI SE Deluxe Memory
A7V8X MemoryP5E3 WS PRO MemoryP5N64 WS Professional Memory
A7V8X PC2100 MemoryP5E64 WS Evolution MemoryP5N72-T Premium Memory
A7V8X PC2700 MemoryP5E64 WS Professional MemoryP5N73-AM Memory
AP100 MemoryP5G-MX MemoryP5N73/CM Memory
AP2000 MemoryP5G41-M EVO MemoryP5N7A-VM Memory
AP2500 MemoryP5G41-M LE MemoryP5ND2 SE Memory
AP3000 MemoryP5G41-M LX MemoryP5ND2-SLI Memory
AP6000 MemoryP5G41-M LX2 MemoryP5ND2-SLI Deluxe Memory
AP8000 MemoryP5G41-M LX2/BR MemoryP5NSLI Memory
AT3N7A-I MemoryP5G41-M LX2/GB MemoryP5NT WS Memory
CUA MemoryP5G41-M LX2/GB/LPT MemoryP5P41D Memory
CUBX MemoryP5G41-M SI MemoryP5P43TD PRO Memory
CUC2 MemoryP5G41-M SI/DVI MemoryP5P800 Memory
CUC2000 MemoryP5G41-M SI/VGA MemoryP5P800 SE Memory
CUR-DLS MemoryP5G41T-M MemoryP5P800-MX Memory
CUSI-FX MemoryP5G41T-M LE MemoryP5P800-VM Memory
CUV266 MemoryP5G41T-M LX MemoryP5P800S Memory
CUW MemoryP5G41T-M/USB3 MemoryP5PE-VM Memory
CUW-B MemoryP5G41TD-M PRO MemoryP5PL2 Memory
CUW-FX MemoryP5G43T-M PRO MemoryP5PL2-E Memory
CUW-RM MemoryP5GC-MX MemoryP5Q Memory
CUWE MemoryP5GC-MX (FSB 1066) MemoryP5Q Deluxe Memory
CUWE-FX MemoryP5GC-MX/1333 MemoryP5Q Premium Memory
CUWE-RM MemoryP5GC-MX/GBL MemoryP5Q Pro Memory
K8V DELUXE MemoryP5GC-VM MemoryP5Q PRO Turbo Memory
M4A77TD PRO MemoryP5GD1 PRO MemoryP5Q SE Memory
ME-99 MemoryP5GD1/P5GD1-VM MemoryP5Q SE PLUS Memory
ME-99B MemoryP5GD2 MemoryP5Q SE/R Memory
ME-99VM MemoryP5GD2 Deluxe MemoryP5Q SE2 Memory
MEB MemoryP5GD2 Premium MemoryP5Q Turbo Memory
MEB-M MemoryP5GD2-X MemoryP5Q WS Memory
MEB-VM MemoryP5GDC Deluxe MemoryP5Q-E Memory
MEL MemoryP5GDC Pro MemoryP5Q-E/WiFi-AP Memory
MEL-B MemoryP5GDC-V Deluxe MemoryP5Q-EM Memory
MEL-C MemoryP5GL-MX MemoryP5Q-EM DO Memory
MEL-M MemoryP5GPL MemoryP5Q-VM Memory
MES MemoryP5GPL-X MemoryP5Q3 Memory
MES-B MemoryP5GPL-X SE MemoryP5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP @n Memory
MES-N MemoryP5GV-MX MemoryP5QC Memory
MES-VM MemoryP5GZ-MX MemoryP5QD Turbo Memory
MEW MemoryP5K MemoryP5QL Memory
MEW-AM MemoryP5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP MemoryP5QL PRO Memory
MEW-AML MemoryP5K Premium/WiFi-AP MemoryP5QL SE Memory
MEW-B MemoryP5K PRO MemoryP5QL-CM Memory
MEW-L MemoryP5K SE MemoryP5QL-E Memory
MEW-RM MemoryP5K SE/EPU MemoryP5QL-EM Memory
MEZ-M MemoryP5K WS MemoryP5QL-VM DO Memory
MEZ-VM MemoryP5K-E MemoryP5QL-VM DO/CSM Memory
P4B266 MemoryP5K-E/WiFi-AP MemoryP5QL/EPU Memory
P4B533 MemoryP5K-V MemoryP5QPL-AM Memory
P4B533-E MemoryP5K-VM MemoryP5QPL-AM (Intel G41 Chipset) Memory
P4B533-V MemoryP5K/EPU MemoryP5QPL-VM Memory
P4B533-VM MemoryP5K3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP MemoryP5QPL-VM EPU Memory
P4BGL-MX MemoryP5K64 WS MemoryP5RD1-V Memory
P4C800 MemoryP5KC MemoryP5RD1-V Deluxe Memory
P4G8X DELUXE MemoryP5KPL IN-S MemoryP5RD1-VM Memory
P4GE-V MemoryP5KPL SE MemoryP5S-MX SE Memory
P4P800 MemoryP5KPL-AM MemoryP5S-MX/WIFI-AP Memory
P4P800-VM MemoryP5KPL-AM IN MemoryP5S800-VM Memory
P4P8X MemoryP5KPL-AM IN/GB MemoryP5SD2-A Memory
P4PE MemoryP5KPL-AM IN/ROEM/SI MemoryP5SD2-VM Memory
P4PE BP MemoryP5KPL-AM SE MemoryP5SD2-X Memory
P4R8T MemoryP5KPL-AM SE V2 MemoryP5SD2-X SE Memory
P4S533 (PC2100) MemoryP5KPL-AM SE V3 MemoryP5V-VM DH Memory
P4S533 (PC2700) MemoryP5KPL-AM/PS MemoryP5V-VM SE DH Memory
P4S800D-E DELUXE MemoryP5KPL-C MemoryP5VD1-X Memory
P4SGL-VM MemoryP5KPL-C/1600 MemoryP5VD2-MX Memory
P4T533 MemoryP5KPL-CM MemoryP5VD2-MX SE Memory
P5AD2 Deluxe MemoryP5KPL-E IPC-SI MemoryP5VD2-VM Memory
P5AD2 Premium MemoryP5KPL-VM MemoryP5VD2-VM SE Memory
P5AD2-E MemoryP5KPL/1600 MemoryP5VD2-X Memory
P5AD2-E Deluxe MemoryP5KPL/EPU MemoryP5VDC-MX Memory
P5AD2-E Premium MemoryP5KR MemoryP5VDC-TVM SE Memory
P5B MemoryP5L 1394 MemoryP5VDC-X Memory
P5B Deluxe / P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP MemoryP5L-MX MemoryP5W Memory
P5B Premium MemoryP5L-MX/IPAT MemoryP5W DH Deluxe Memory
P5B Premium Vista Edition MemoryP5L-VM 1394 MemoryP5W64 WS Professional Memory
P5B SE MemoryP5LD2 / P5LD2 Deluxe MemoryP5WD2 Memory
P5B-E MemoryP5LD2 SE MemoryP5WD2 Premium Memory
P5B-E Plus MemoryP5LD2-C/IPAT MemoryP5WD2-E Premium Memory
P5B-MX MemoryP5LD2-V MemoryP5WDG2 WS PRO/WIFI-AP Memory
P5B-MX/WiFi-AP MemoryP5LD2-VM MemoryP5WDG2 WS Professional Memory
P5B-Plus MemoryP5LD2-VM DH MemoryP5WDG2-WS Memory
P5B-Plus Vista Edition MemoryP5LD2-VM SE MemoryP6-M4A3000E Desktop Memory
P5B-V MemoryP5LD2-X MemoryP6-P5G41E Desktop Memory
P5B-VM MemoryP5LD2-X/1333 MemoryP6-P7H55E Desktop Memory
P5B-VM DO MemoryP5LD2-X/GBL MemoryP6T Memory
P5B-VM SE MemoryP5M2 MemoryP6T Deluxe Memory
P5B/TeleSky MemoryP5M2-E MemoryP6T Deluxe V2 Memory
P5BP-E/4L MemoryP5M2-E/4L MemoryP6T Deluxe/OC Palm Memory
P5BV-C MemoryP5M2-M MemoryP6T SE Memory
P5BV-C/4L MemoryP5M2-M/C MemoryP6T WS Professional Memory
P5BV-E MemoryP5M2/SAS MemoryP6T6 WS Revolution Memory
P5BV-E/SAS MemoryP5M2P-E/4L MemoryP6T7 WS SuperComputer Memory
P5BV-M MemoryP5MT / P5MT-M / P5MT/SCSI MemoryP6TD Deluxe Memory
P5CR-L MemoryP5MT-C MemoryP6X58D Premium Memory
P5CR-LS MemoryP5MT-S MemoryP6X58D-E Memory
P5CR-VM MemoryP5N-D MemoryTUSL2 Memory
P5E MemoryP5N-E SLI MemoryTUSL2-C Memory
P5E Deluxe MemoryP5N-EM HDMI Memory

Can't find your machine?

Don't despair! Drop us an email or ring us on 020 8453 9700 and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Finding the right memory for your Asus Motherboard can seem intimidating, but with nearly 20 years experience we're confident we'll be able to help.

Popular OEM Codes for Asus

These are some of the most popular OEM codes for Asus machines. You are however better off looking for your specific machine on the configurator as OEM Memory Part Codes can change regularly.

22944 memory23074 memory22443 memory
22490 memory22709 memory22533 memory
N/A memory22955 memory22894 memory
LC.MEM01.005 memory22420 memory22540 memory
21567 memory22484 memory22945 memory
22525 memory22436 memory22449 memory
INMSDH4G4V2 memory22355 memory21546 memory
9960 memoryINSSD64GS25MXZ3 memory22589 memory

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